Site stats, according to скачущий черепаха

Whoa, the turtle is Russian now?!

There are 1177 registered users, with 1316 characters in 234 guilds

7350 sessions have been uploaded, containing a total of 81377 encounters

Back-to-back, these sessions span 721 days, 2 hours, 32 minutes and 12 seconds, averaging 2 hours, 21 minutes and 16 seconds per session.

In terms of /played time, 10857 unique players have logged a total of 10355 days, 8 hours, 42 minutes and 9 seconds.

There are approximately:

153500047 damage records (~6482 per encounter)

616913396 healing records (~26053 per encounter)

36224052 absorption records (~1529 per encounter)

So far, our amazing turtles have sifted through 7304419235 combatlog lines and 1554.4gb worth of logs to bring you the stats you see here.